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The art collective founders (L. Briggs, J. Limond, G. Lock-Bowen, T. Read) began collaborating in preparation for the Harwich Festival of the Arts, 2020.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival was cancelled but Aletheia has since collaborated on several projects investigating digital media to explore selected themes, according to the artists’ own predilections. The contributors vary depending upon the project and guest collaborators have included Mike Harris and Susan Barnet.  Whilst all artists surf and take deep dives, of the core members Briggs tends to plunger the psyche, Limond delves into existentialism and Lock-Bowen mixes concepts with experimentation. Together, they interrogate and examine the themes they choose which challenge and stimulate discussion.


The collectives contributing artists are contemporary and experimental in their approach employing a variety of media.  They work together to create exciting installations with 2d and 3d objects in addition to light, sound and video.

By sharing their thoughts and artwork via the internet they are able to integrate their ideas and visualisations, completing and editing the videos to complement and converse with each other. A kind of visual dialogue enhanced by a verbal discourse on the nature of their expression on aspects of the psyche.

We live and work in Suffolk and Essex, UK.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Harwich Festival of the Arts (Summer 2020) – CANCELLED –
    • Crossing Lines [L. Briggs, J. Limond, G. Lock-Bowen, T. Read] – planned multi-media installation considering a variety of themes around movement and migration.  Inspired by the Mayflower’s historic voyage to America we considered concepts around water, navigation and crossing borders both physcially and emotionally.  Working individually through sharing ideas the work will be interrelated.

Curated Exhibitions

  • Impact, Selected submission, Online (15th June – Sept 2020)
    • Chimera:2020 [L. Briggs, J. Limond, G. Lock-Bowen] Digital film, 03:23 – forced to work in isolation the collective took to collaborating virtually.
  • Vision 2020 selection pending.
    • Introspection seemed the most logical theme for our project after working on Chimera:2020 and the impact of the lockdown. Introspection led to thinking of the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. One aspect and archetype of the collective unconscious that seemed appropriate for these dark times was ‘The Shadow’ and its ability to lead us to ‘The Truth’ – ‘Aletheia’ and individuation. We also considered Plato’s Cave and how ‘The Shadow’ hid the truth in this allegory. By considering and confronting ‘The Shadow’ we can develop and grow. This is an ongoing process, this work is a small step towards individuation and attempting to understand reality.

Open Exhibitions

  • Harwich Festival of the Arts – Short Film Exhibition (25th June – 31st July 2020)
    • All at Sea [Limond – Barnet, Briggs, Harris, Lockbowen] Digital film, 03:56.
    • Living Waters [Briggs – Harris, Limond] Digital film, 02:52.
  • Harwich Festival of the Arts 2021
    • Beyond the Surface [Briggs, Limond, Ian Moss, Adam Riches and Martin Carter] Exhibition (Sat 3rd July – Thur 29th July) Gallery Room 6, Harwich Art & Heritage Centre, Main Road, Harwich, CO12 4AJ


  • Chaiya Art Awards [Shortlisted] 2020
  • Harwich Festival of the Arts – Short Open Competition (25th June – 31st July 2020)

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