JL Sailing-Engineering-Art

‘Passages through the Present: An art-based study into the application of ‘Ultreia’ as a means to enhance and nurture life’, this is the title of my ongoing Doctoral thesis. Which outlines my move towards a more present-orientated practice. Rather than focusing on what it feels like to live with cancer, I want to capture the traces I make and leave behind, however ephemeral. Inspired by Jo Spence and Audre Lorde, I wish to develop a body of work that is self-motivated and self-responsible and looks outwards as well as inwards. I will be documenting and creating work that recognises my wish to take control of my health and experiences in the world, both locally and afar. In addition, these experiences are to be shared (more on that at the bottom of this page).

Images and Videos

Gaudeo (Bowman 40) Woolverstone Marina
Working up the mast
The Needles, off the Isle of Wight
Levington, Suffolk
Motoring on the Ore
Mark Sampson enjoying a sail
After dusk on the Ore
Off North Foreland, Kent in the Thames Estuary
Leaving the River Deben & Arriving in the River Ore
Sailing by the Seven Sisters, East Sussex
Crossing Lyme Bay, Devon

“… the defining responsibility of the artist is to go beyond the edge of human experience and send back reports”

Webb Chiles (1941 – present) ‘Self Portrait in the Present Sea

Sailing yacht ‘Gaudeo’

has been coded for skippered chartering. We are planning an around Britain voyage from April to August and crew mates are welcome to join part of the trip as we make passage.

If you would like to contact me about a possible voyage aboard ‘Gaudeo’please use the link below.