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15 June – 30 Sept 2020

Chaiya Awards Curated Online Exhibition – IMPACT

Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 11.34.04

Exhibition Screenshot, to get to our entry click the menu icon top right, navigate to ‘List of Work’ and scroll down to Nr. 49 by Briggs Limond Lock-Bowen titled CHIMERA:2020.


Artwork Nr. 49  CHIMERA:2020


1-9 June 2017

Blueshift Paradigm exhibition at the UoS, Ipswich consisting of two works an installation titled Fate (tbc) and a sculpture, Wealth of Potentiality in a void.

Fate (tbc)


May 2017

Three UK artists exhibit in Iraq, College of Fine Arts Hall, Sulaimani, Kurdistan.


April 2016
The  Scarred  FOR  Life  exhibition at the Waterfront Gallery (Ipswich) is a  three  way  collaboration  between  The  Somerville  Foundation,  the  UCS  and  12  artists  (of  which  I  am  one).

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In the distance there are wall drawings by JL (left) and Adam Riches (right)
‘Pulling’ (2016) JL

Feb 2016

The  MAD?  exhibition  at  the  Freudian  Sheep  Gallery  (Ipswich)  is  a  selected  mixed  exhibition  where  I  am  showing  my  installation  titled  Time  (2015).

MAD? Freudian Sheep

Selected Feedback

“Fantastic, incredibly emotional, reduced me to tears, very powerful…” HR (13.2.2016)
“Loved ‘Jamie’s room’” BvL (13.2.2016)
“Stand-out work” JS (13.2.2016)
“Jamie, great show…” AW (19.2.2016)
“Very powerful” TR (26.2.2016)
“I was really struck by the calendar piece…. 7 little date pads with the pages torn off to the date where time might stop…. This made me gulp!” MS (1.3.2016)
“This work evinces deep emotion that cannot be articulated with words… One of the most powerful pieces of work I have experienced, akin to how I felt when viewing Munch…” LB (14.3.2016)



‘Deterministic Tyranny’ (2015) JL


“Congrats again on creating such imaginative and engaging work” OS (11.02.16)
“Having read the introductory story behind the installation it was a very oppressive and in the same moment captivating mood your work forced me in. On my second round through the room (after having sat for what seemed to me a long time on the doorsill) I was captured by the tension between the titles and the ‘work itself’ that form statements, which are at once clear, powerful, surprising, convincing and demanding (for the spectator) to an extraordinary high degree. It took me another two rounds (clocked by Creative Anguish) on which especially Last orders, Uncertainty of time (binary representation) and Deterministic tyranny didn’t want to let me go” TK (14.03.16)

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